Nature always makes me think.


oft I wander with a back pack and a saddle
crunching leaves and sometimes slipping
heaving and crying, I lost my way…today

in between heavenly and moist sunshine
I grope vanity and shrink to the beauty of it
inside, I fear, Yet I walk with poise
trekking along the longitudinal wave

grudging and stumbling, I reach to the rear
I saw a road leading though long trees
mesmerized by the low foggy glow and
huge pride trees, I decided to trek along

looking up and admiring the loneliness
something hit me hard, they are like me
high and mighty, yet, lonely to the core
standing in thickest, waiting for appraisal

feeling sorry, I walk along the muddy path
and looking up, I see more leaves swaying
with my heart tearing apart, I wished if only
I can bring a change

to me and those around.


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