White Rose- Everything happens for a reason.


Soft hues of yellow and melon seeps through her cream color drapes, pecking on her shoulders and forehead. Slowly purring to the unwanted guest, she turned and closed her eyes firmly.

Dreaming, she saw herself in the pavilion of diamond and rose castle and she was staring at a handsome rose. Lovely and satin, she stroked it and later plucked it and decorates her newly braided golden hair. Admiring herself, she felt her gut tightening and she smiled at herself, for she gleamed in the morning sun like a rose.With blushing cheeks and glistening hair, she stared at herself in the mirror. “where am I?” She pondered..

A knock in the door wakes her from the sweet slumber and she gets up from white curled up blankets. Smiling at her mom, she assured she will be down within five minutes, her eyes half closed. As soon her mother closed the door, she fell back, withdrawing from the pillow because it was soaking wet. She must have cried herself to sleep.

Yesterday, she wandered through the park celebrating valentines day. When she looked around her, it was filledΒ with couples- married, to be married, elderly married, teenage cluster and what not. She was alone. Alone and isolated, with teary eyes she came back and lay down. It must have been then, she slept.

Today, as she got up, tear stains soaked up her pillow, unable to bear her guilty pangs she looked out. The glow of soft yellow was trying to streaming in welcoming. Slowly she got up and drew the drapes. Loud bangs of bright light soaked her and purified her. She looked up and saw that the sun was alone, the trees stood in the forlorn bay and everything was isolated from other. Smiling at herself, she admired the golden globe far away stretching, illuminating dark sides. Yet, inside there was a pang of guilt, asking herself “why?”

Lost in the green pastures and golden glow, her mind wandered through lots of questions and she never realized tears poring out. She was snapped out from her reveries by her mom, wiping her tears she prepared to go, which was then she saw a rose. Lying there on the balcony floor. Startled, she wore that in her hair and looked herself in the mirror. “Just like my dream”, she felt something rise within her and she felt happy. She was happy feeling there is a reason for everything and life is not all trouble. Braiding her hair, she fixed her rose in herself and walked out, with a wide grin.

She felt her soul rejoicing and she smiled all day. Her white rose was hers, making her believe: “There is a second chance.”

She don’t know why, but the rose happened. So did for me, she is me and the rose is my mother.



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