Stale taste lingering in my silenced mouth.


of all those brightening scenes…
you stood glinting in between
pastures and pastel and coloring bees
pure melody of melancholy seeps
slaying me in the guts
balancing me on the cliff
and singing songs of sheer bliss
everything is a bit silken today…

deep in the shade of humming bees
stood I staring at the forlorn moon
whose silver lining smiled in the glow
casting a spell bewitching to the song
slow flicker of candle in the dark
shades a blue around familiar to me
I admire the beauty of gliding swan
decorating tranquil sky above

pulled inside my own blankness
I stare at the letters in your notes
a mist of enigmatic eerie silence groped
binding me to the cobblestones we walked
you left me untamed
and now I swim in your closet
smelling in this silence
of your coffee stained shirt
recognizing mellow
etched too deep in the linen
is your fragrance…
now drenched in my tears

alongside the water bath
is a sweet little robin bathing
shining his feathers in the heat
knocks an old memory in my head
your shirt…
those blue shirt…

Now in my closet…
rolled up, with my red shawl.
I smell your fragrance
and I dwindle with time
clustered as used tissue
too fragile for a proper iron now.


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