Nature lover.

In between thin shards of glass, I walk carefully on its edge, Not wanting to cut my toes, fearing my muse will flow out. Life taught me very good things, about the sky which is azure and blue at times but fails to comprehend the emotion of moon and quickly fades to yellow and hues. Blurry, soft cotton swabs whiter throughout the sky, painting the already pique azure, a little more pathetic, but the more you look at it the more you feel relaxed.
Life also taught me about the azure, the one that flows through my nails and fingers, and I feel the tickling nibbles of tiny mouths, making me see wonderful visions and I smile and then laugh. The water is a pure blue, sheer pleasure, mighty bearer, smooth kisses. The rivulets passes along liquidizing melon sun and the water clings to my legs, painting my legs a sweet mango yellow. Cooling my mind, making me feel relaxed.
Beautiful, sturdy trees stretches and exaggerate its beauty through olive, emerald, and pedriot legacies and then they paints a masterpiece in between the lines of glistening buds that rejuvenate and solidify emotions, pulled to the roots and finalize this closure. making me sane and fine and peace. Hues boasts about fine poetry and paints masterpiece, of crimson, yellow, salmon, orange and brown. fallen or not, they whiter diamond dust of beauty.
never shall I get tired of this, the fragrance of rainbows, frolicking and swaying in the whistling breeze and chirruping birds that brings together a chord of sonata, a serenade, a chime too sweet. close your eyes and envisage, you could feel the beauty tantalizing, whispering, kissing. Tiny buds giggling and joyfully turn their head towards the sun, like kids do when they do something proud. smiling and gleefully enjoying.Peace
Nature has its palette full of hues and I a brush, painting on the blank canvas, hurting my  mind and I paint, a picture…..Too sweet and rhythmic, I never look for flaws and don’t care for the fine piece of mitigating comments, sarcasm or care… I feel I own this palette and the hues is mine, from my mother nature, Attitude design my brains by the nature and this nature set the bars high…..Never complaining and only applauding.



In the sweetest of nocturnal ponds, my eyes dip in the cool shores of silver, waiting to be rolled in warm bliss, by your fragrance wafting around the pond. Golden charm resonate while you hum, the melody of my serenade and I pinch myself to see this ballad is real and not a mild mirage like those dandelions there in your eyes. I dip my quill in the river of your love and write in the canvas of jasmine and rose. our love is the closure of unending legacies, unraveling through years of melted sonata

Our song is the boon of your whispers, where I slip into the gardens of Eden, devouring the eloquent shade of poetry only to write you an ode, from the temporal lobe of my cranium. Our song is the ballad sung by undulating wrapping up of blankets in the sultry ambiance of indigo passions. Our love is the shade of moon, whispering to the stars and guiding the way of forbidden fruits like us.

O divine verses of prose, glide me through your indispensable proximity of my love, that flows through the veins of river in between the root that hold the deepest of pleasure, that flutter through the dreams of pink, orange, amber, red painted sky….that mix with the zilch effervescence of this seedless night.

I shall make you weep those ink of eloquent aura, making me drip with emotions as your verses tangle my brains. I behold the torch of your divine presence that unveil glaciers and waterfalls of enduring metaphor, and I bathe in this pond of reverberation to rattle my love towards you, O fine piece of beauty.

In Love with pride and prejudice.


Soft hues of love waves magic over me
I feel enchanted, with your soft breaths
Blank and blind was I, to see you wrong
But now you stole my heart, I don’t want it back.

in your astonishing looks and snobbish arrogance
I felt lost…in love but I even felt invisible
Unconsciously, I provoked you to make me love you.

Each keys of my piano playing the black and white melody
Plays soft chime of our love, scattering serenade of adulation
Evil talks about your attitude dragged me from reality
But now, I feel am wrong, I can’t pay you back.

When you said I love you for first time in the rain
Your beautiful blue eyes blazed into me
I again felt lost and I fell down to your feet
I can’t confess I loved you, and I did’t.

Late was I to realize that we are similar in every aspects
My love increased, breathing was then difficult
When you smile for the first time, I stared
Your eyes fell upon mine, I felt blushed

Pride and prejudiced dragged us away form love
Destined in heaven, what force could separate us?
Your each encounters beats away sparks
I felt protected with the blanket you weaved

long ignorance owe us, and with that kiss we entwined
Enchanted, those swans glided in our pool of love
the soft breeze lulled the symphony of our love
the flutter of petals excitingly scattered about our love

and our kiss, sparked the brilliant splendor of a thousand leagacies.

My drastic life

in the heavily draped room
I breathe, trying to sink into shadows
that clasped on me
veiling myself from day
or was it night?
I don’t know!

lake whispers a slow symphony
I bathe in it most enthusiastically
but as water drips away
my only chance of retrieval sinks

yesterday was shallow
and I drink from pond of solitude

time, come and go without change
and life is pretty much shallower…than before

the time clicks,
and my coffee warms me on this cold day
fragrance of rose wafting through air
make me swallow my own pride

time clicks,
and I lick strawberry, staring at the needle
that take on with my life
never asked!
it just ticks on
and my chance for survival sinks

life is a game
where there is no last level
no commentator
no multi-players
no rehearsals
no make-up
life is a game
played by instincts
by hope
by faith

and in this life I wallow
unable to restrain pride mocking me
scorn engulfing me
and I look at the clock
its twelve again
noon or night?

I push the drape from my window
and I see dark
smirking at me
making funny faces
I closed it, sealed it and nailed it!

Never wanting to look at the shade of me
reflecting back the obscure life undulating me

why oh why,