Natures Beauty- the striking point inspiring me to write.

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It was when I was in the eight grade, I wrote my first piece of poetry.

One that fine Sunday evening, I was damn tired with the notes I was preparing for my social exam the next day, I needed to understand and learn an answer which was a paragraph, one page long. Feeling so bored and learning about the dates and names who was interesting but someone who was long gone, I felt so bored. Usually I love reading history but learning and needing to by heart it for an exam was too much.

So, I was sitting there in my cot by the windows and I opened just an inch, and I felt soft and warm breeze flowing in and kissing me on my face, feeling so energized and happy, I don’t know why I felt happy but there I was all smiles and closed my paper and text, I don’t know why, but I looked out and saw a beautiful stream of sunlight, coming in like a small rivulet. The color was something golden to amber and I felt mesmerized. that is if it will suit it. I cant describe what I saw. My, that was the most beautiful thing that ever happened to me. I felt bad to not have a camera back then, or else I would have clicked it and shared it here. That day, I was not even sure I will be surviving in a world completely different from whosoever apart from my family will understand.

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So, the strand of light reflected a smooth positive vibe and I felt rejuvenated, I wanted to melt in with it and just float away. Looking up, I saw the light was coming in between those trees in my back yard. Between the spur and pedriot wonder was a small gap from which the orb was shining in on me. I watched the leaves flicker and swag in the beautiful light and I was completely awed by it.


I don’t know why or how I tore a piece of paper and I wrote my first lines of poetry. To be honest, I never knew what poetry was and it never triggered any real interest in me when I was learning from my English class. I never knew how to write, keep aside what… But, that day, I tore a page and wrote some lines it and I admired it for some time and I gave them to my brother and sister, they read it and teased me at first and then they talked in a hushed tone in English, which I believe will be because that time I was not good in my language. The said, “She is real good for a first time, Masha Allah (meaning Praise the lord). I couldn’t stop myself from grinning.


Well, then after that I started to write poetry but not seriously and then my sister told me, try to take it seriously and search in the web for some platform where you can perform. And considering her words I searched and stumbled upon after a lot. A site called, I was happy and it needed no subscription charge or registration charge, Just what I wanted. I signed it and the vastness explored helped me learn many things regarding poetry. After the eight gradeย experience, I signed in to the allpoetry site in 2011 and started a blog in the google blogs when I was in twelfth grade. I didn’t regard both importantly and just used it when I was free. Then I learned contest and trophies in the allpoetry, making me want to compete and earn more trophies. I slowly started taking it seriously and left the blog astray. From then on, I have gained 80 gold trophy, 87 silver trophy and 79 bronze trophy and 263 honorable trophy withย a total of 998 poem…… I am so proud of it ๐Ÿ˜€

The truth is that blog doesn’t inspire me to write and I stopped writing it. Then I saw and did this made my ignition set high. Thank you readers… ๐Ÿ™‚ Now, don’t you want to read my first poetry in that sunlit warm Sunday evening?


Calm and quiet the natureโ€™s beauty
Not even the crisping of the bird
You could feel that you are flying in the hearts of heaven
You could feel the gentle touch of your angel
Trees standing in pride ,with the courage and spirit of the Creator
The almighty God is the one!
You could see a single beam of-
light entering to the room with gay and joy
Which turns your life into happiness by forgetting-
the sorrowful hated life with complete solitude
Which bring pride to face others
Sweet fragrance of your soul
This is all by the creator
The almighty god is the one
Wow! What a wonderful surprise!!!!!!!



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