What makes you write?

I always wonder and that is only the thing that I do recently, wondering!!! Why I write, why people who blog write, what makes them write, what is the motive for them to write….Sigh, I am so many questions that revolve around and keep on snapping back at me, the question seems so real and solid, the answers are vague and well, what…………i dont know.

whatever be the reason for my heartbreak, poetry flows too deeply. To be honest sometimes i write about love, when I am deprived of it..And sometimes I write about ire when I am too cool and in between hysteric laughter so insane… It is always a matter of my interest and mood swaps…But never have I got the muse flowing through bliss writing, I have to work hard and play along with it…

In the matter of time, I want to be something with the only thing I behold and I can arrogantly say its mine, I want to write…. Whatever may be the reason, whatever may be the muse, whatever may be the genre….I will write as long as the sky stays in its place.


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