A sweet love letter! (Prose)

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Have you noticed…the pine tree has grown, so tall that they are kissing the cumulonimbus clouds. i sometimes watch them with awe, because they always make me wonder… honey, the water in the brook by your bedside window has turned so cold and so blue that i feel like dipping my face into it and stay numb like the grey stones. the day always ends with a perfect shade of moisture to make me feel alive, and the dust that dance to the evening beat of ocher sun kiss…melancholy

Dear, it was jasmine that bloomed yesterday in our garden wafting a fresh fragrance like you’re cologne. i inhaled the deep air with stretched out arms and tried to devour the dusk’s pleasure by hand. i closed my eyes and stared at the round ball of light through the inside, and i was able to see the sun like the egg smiling on Monday mornings. though it was black in the background, the sun stood up with the fantastic ocher vibration that exotically resembled you. darling, the sunflowers has bloomed with delicacy and i pluck the seed to roast and eat, just like we did on cold evenings.

The beauty marveled within the meadows of green grass that has been cut with perfection and i searched for the dew that sparkles by the shade of sun. Walking through the meadows, i let my feet kiss the morning sun and soft blades of grass that tickles me, making my feet sink into the fresh soil that still breathed through the gravel of pride. penetrating sun’s sweat rays and devouring natures sweat, a scar break open the oyster shell of trust and grow to such an extend that it marks the presence of ones breathed legend. every tree born with a bough so high, was the baby of one another bough of sturdiness. your love of nature astound me and now i love nature like i mean it.

But, i know that wont make me get you back from the soil you love. honey, i know i was lacking something, but never realized it was a little more love to express over you. the truth was i believe that i loved you, which  stayed fresh as a belief. just like the trust of god exist and now as you ceased the breaths of love, i strongly regret the nights of you and the rose alone.

Though tears express my hurt more eloquently, i write this with the ink of soil and on the paper of dried leaf, i regret for not making you feel my love but you was happy with the short kisses and curled up blankets. honey, i dig my heart deep into the roots of the vine that tangled on your stone, gone so cold. i believe the blood that pass through the veins shall devour the manure of love to keep you going and once when i cease my breath shall provide my body as the blood to keep you going as the immortal purity of love unblemished.

Today, the sun sparkles so bright and the wind kisses me gently. slowly as i sip the coffee, a feeling of being called makes me smile and i feel small gems rolls down and i close my eyes, watching the imaginary credits rolling as i roll this leaf and tug it under your flower bed.

My final breath shall say, I love you!


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