Discovering truth about ISLAM!


Shall we take a tour, into the depths as far as I know!
Well, tune in your senses to adapt the brilliance.
I am not trying to convince you that what I say is the only truth

But, I respect others belief as long as they have the right to do!

Islam is the religion that runs in my blood for I’m proud of it.
sometimes my heart skips a beat while people criticize us
There is no terrorism explained in the language of Islam.
Understand the literature of Allah understand the pacifism!
Lo, Allah! is verily on the side of truth and nonviolence

It is you who read the verses and misunderstand Allah, the Exalted!
Allah is the one who loves beauty and created beauty to be loved.

If love is synonyms to god, then how can one ignore or alter it.

Islam has taught one to be honest and truthful
asking them to step away from cheating and lying
for the very blood of Islam is the blood of prophet
whose title apart from the name given was the truthful.
Islam taught that you are brothers and all are our fellow people
Treat them with respect to earn dignity and respect
Never cheat and beat and raise your voice over others
Cause Allah, do not like to disturb other people’s right!

Allah, created gemstones of adulation and scattered
But, lo! He created man- to test their patience
Allah created Satan and asked us to be aware.
His melody that lured people to taste cardinal sin
Allah kept on reminding people, So- Don’t blame Allah
Cause you never tried to listen what he-Allah said!

What is Islam?
For this I can answer verily that
It is the faith of divine guidance for all humanity only-
based on peace, pacifism and spirituality and the oneness of Allah!
Lo! Allah is most merciful and beneficial!

Allah, is the divine power who have created this world
Into a luxurious place for his mankind to live in peace
and lead a life which is equally beneficial for him in his afterlife!

Allah, summoned many prophets for enlightening Islam
To which they did as he was told and expressed their faith
The last prophet was the most powerful as with him ceased the prophecy
With him, Islam gained a new light and fame
To him, Allah asked – turn to the non-believers

And say unto them- “Nay,but we follow the religion of Abraham,
the upright and he was not one of the idolaters!

With Muhammad (pbuh) Allah said merrily “Lo, we have sent thee
with the truth, a bringer of glad tidings and a Warner!

Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) was known for his truthfulness
Honesty, trustworthy, leadership and many more to be adopted
as the ideal man, for making a role model for everyone

,em>May Allah bless us with his Prophet Muhammad’s blessings!

Allah, has set the constitution and entire encyclopedia to be our Quran
The path maker of the righteous and that shall take our hand to the light!
It is the divine revelation send with Prophet Muhammad (Pbuh)

Current paths of science and technology are beating hard to reveal
the secrets of science and its nature and they are astonished to find
the saying of Quran proves to be true and science revealed from it
Quran was formed before 14 centuries and still shines its glory!

Islam is the shining beacon against the darkness of oppression
segregation, intolerance and racism!
Where the prophets taught that
An Arab, have no superiority onto a non-Arab
A white has no superiority over a black
Nor, A black against a white!
Only except by the good doings and piety!

May god help us all to find the right path and the true faith!

It was little more clearer than this, but as I dashed for taking my pic, clouds started moving and later it was just a fat cloud.


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