A small prayer to Allah.

Dear or respected Allah,

I know the form which I accept now is not the way I have to but for a genuine reason I think I am doing this not for fun but to let my emotion fly like a gentle bird let loose into wild. Though I know you will hear me even I say this closing my eyes and mouth, I wanted to pen something in respect of letting other too see what it’s worth.

Praying to you calling your lovely names has always given me such warmth that I know for sure that you are listening and seeing me what I do. I silently shed a tear with words of sorrow and I ask…..I ask for forgiveness being a bit ashamed. I know not how to ask you more humbly as what I have done is not meant to forgive because I completely forgot the value and virtue. But, went behind the sparkling colors and attracted to it.

Oh lord, but I know that you only know how to not be mad at all times and your ire knows no limit at the same time your merciful heart meets no limit. I ask for forgiveness with fear and ecstasy and I repent from all that I knew was wrong.

Oh great bearer of light I am bowing my head low and praying without a single word and I am only chanting it constantly in my heart to make me stay away from all that’s evil. You know how to save us from evil and so I ask you to grant me your torch of triumph and illuminate my life with the radiance of excellence.

Oh my dear humble lord know this that my heart fears the day of judgement as I bear no modesty to submit before you. I fear of the hell scorching in your ire and fire burning with the stones of hell and bones of men. I fear your look of igniting fire and I fear of your look to take me away to the sins. Never you shall lift the clouds of protection for I may slip into the well of sins, protect me from the evil eye.

With all my heart I ask for forgiveness and I close my eyes once again with a silent tear to shed for eternal fear. Above all I respect all that you wish to be my faith, never daring to question you….I wish to express gratifyingly but words chocking in my brains know’s no word to move further.

Humbly……I… hereby stop….


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