My valentine!


I hear the town burst out with smiles
turning roses into cards, sighing out
my eyes wander out through the red
and I say, aren’t they so foolish
to fantasize!

I keep my breath and my pocket money
when the rose day passed I bought a bunch
I kept in under her pillows and said
“I love you!”

She must has seen in the mornings
for I saw it on her study table
I smiled within and I gave her a hug and a kiss

I walked out and there comes the chocolate day
even though she was diabetic, I bought her a tray
She kept it in the fridge and made a chocolate cake
and waited for me to come back and have a taste.

I let out a morning chill to the day so pale
the stars are gleaming red and also the town
I burst a few balloons and was chased by some loons
I took some roses and petaled the room.

And, finally the day has come
exchanging roses and kisses
I stood and stared!

I walked out into the middle and brought
My Mother on my side and dressed her red
took out my roses and flushed her with-
roses and kisses, that made her cry

I screamed to world she is my love
the only valentine I could ever have
can you show me someone who is better than that
And I will kiss your feet when you say that’s right!


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