My drastic life

in the heavily draped room
I breathe, trying to sink into shadows
that clasped on me
veiling myself from day
or was it night?
I don’t know!

lake whispers a slow symphony
I bathe in it most enthusiastically
but as water drips away
my only chance of retrieval sinks

yesterday was shallow
and I drink from pond of solitude

time, come and go without change
and life is pretty much shallower…than before

the time clicks,
and my coffee warms me on this cold day
fragrance of rose wafting through air
make me swallow my own pride

time clicks,
and I lick strawberry, staring at the needle
that take on with my life
never asked!
it just ticks on
and my chance for survival sinks

life is a game
where there is no last level
no commentator
no multi-players
no rehearsals
no make-up
life is a game
played by instincts
by hope
by faith

and in this life I wallow
unable to restrain pride mocking me
scorn engulfing me
and I look at the clock
its twelve again
noon or night?

I push the drape from my window
and I see dark
smirking at me
making funny faces
I closed it, sealed it and nailed it!

Never wanting to look at the shade of me
reflecting back the obscure life undulating me

why oh why,


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