In Love with pride and prejudice.


Soft hues of love waves magic over me
I feel enchanted, with your soft breaths
Blank and blind was I, to see you wrong
But now you stole my heart, I don’t want it back.

in your astonishing looks and snobbish arrogance
I felt lost…in love but I even felt invisible
Unconsciously, I provoked you to make me love you.

Each keys of my piano playing the black and white melody
Plays soft chime of our love, scattering serenade of adulation
Evil talks about your attitude dragged me from reality
But now, I feel am wrong, I can’t pay you back.

When you said I love you for first time in the rain
Your beautiful blue eyes blazed into me
I again felt lost and I fell down to your feet
I can’t confess I loved you, and I did’t.

Late was I to realize that we are similar in every aspects
My love increased, breathing was then difficult
When you smile for the first time, I stared
Your eyes fell upon mine, I felt blushed

Pride and prejudiced dragged us away form love
Destined in heaven, what force could separate us?
Your each encounters beats away sparks
I felt protected with the blanket you weaved

long ignorance owe us, and with that kiss we entwined
Enchanted, those swans glided in our pool of love
the soft breeze lulled the symphony of our love
the flutter of petals excitingly scattered about our love

and our kiss, sparked the brilliant splendor of a thousand leagacies.


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