Inky Love


I watch the sky rising from the twilight laps

yawning widely as the blue evaporates with purple

and pink take over red to orange

and they lulls all of them to sleep

with ivory and white twinkling in between

this is my night sky

that I love to stare and wonder

what if I was anything but a shadow

in the inky river of my admirer

I love to take the spell

and charm my lover, who blinks an eye

and tell me about this story

our story

and I wait till my eyes shut down

until then I stare, feeling my sore eyes yearning

not to close…

Every pinch of this ambrosial flavor

is loved by me

and I devour this silence, drenching me in this parched desire

never to raise from my obscure cliff

where every shades of self-doubt is vanished

I fear those crawlers, creeping in on me

and I feel numbness

but when I watch the moon, he winks at me

and I blush…

this night is close to meΒ 

and I stay awake, I won’t call this insomnia

but an addiction

with an unearthly love

for my moon

who glimmer and shimmer in my desire

and make me yawn at his pleasure

I am at his disposalΒ 

and he lulls me to sleep

Queer, isn’t it, but I am so much inspired by the shade

that my muse shall flow like the rivulets

from the inky river

into my heart.


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