Sunshine of your love


The night has endlessly fallen again to the bosom of my sun kissed lather skin, and once again I feel my heart shudder at the fragrance of your touch, so bleached, so tormented into my mind, that you haunt me…everyday….

A new beginning, a new dawn to my soul and I feel rejuvenated by your memories folded and preserved in my notebook, which has dried but never faded. I can feel your warmth wafting around the once lost fragrance of my rose and I smile, while the rays of amber shines through the thin veil and blink a giggle on my shoulder and cheeks, making me feel weak in the knees.

Once we bonded this strings of trust throughout our crimson heart and waited till it ripped our heart into accurate half and you weaved your half into mine and throughout it all, we laughed between the pain and you made me paint butterflies with our scarlet hope.

this torn blanket has been shading our window and the sun peeps through those slits making me wanna play hide and seek. I opened up swiftly and I stretched my arms as the heavy explosion of orange delight struck on me and I exhaled a big sigh with loads of giggles and the cold breeze picked up the puzzles you broke and placed it…in my heart… the breeze then playing with my bristles and I let them, to tangle themselves and untangle, I managed to make it happen, so why not them…..I let them tickle me and prick me and stick on my forehead, but my arms was now drooped, into the vague of our space

In the corner was a pot, dried and dusty, a small plant frolicked and I watched it sway, it was our one another trust, watered and nurtured. Lazily, I caressed it and I saw there was a stub which once was a bud, like the one which signed our relationship. But, like the one it is gone.

Into the infinity I gaze and I fine nothing, but the feeling of warm entwining through my back was not the rays of my charmer but you, who walked out from my life and who was not strong enough to stay out. And you came back with those old smiles making last night nothing to believe and we stood there, in the ocher beams, refreshed and being one, we stood there….

Formidable passion ghastly demised, and in this dawn of fresh possibilities we etched a beautiful morning with those dried roses lingering fresh in our notebook once again….


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