Being Nature.


Feathers started whispering to me about a secret and the soft cooing made me wonder what it is. The sky has been crying all day today and I am not able to make her feel better. The moment she stops crying, she picks up the melted pieces and starts again…

In the late afternoon, when the sky was a baby azure, I stepped out into the downpour and I could feel the mild caressing of each droplets hitting and falling. I stretched my arms and look up with closed eyes and I could feel the strike of each cold stares and i smiled, slowly….warming to the feel that I am being one, with the rain, the nature, the water….I am being just like the plants, standing barefoot in the rain, and I flipped off my sandals and stood there in the cold water, splashing it and stomping. I love the feel of fresh crisp water kissing me and I got drenched.

Somewhere in between I heard a giggle and I closely watched my flowers, heads down like I caught them and I laughed….Out into the pouring sky, carefree…forgetting for a moment about the fire that is stubborn and keeps burning, a fire that is swallowing me, a fire refusing to relinquish. And in there, I saw rain firing….Haha; that is a nice phrase….Rain Firing. But, though it keeps raining, they forgot to take away the last bit of fire and i sighed so loudly and the breeze swayed through the flower beds.

Once again I try to look at the mausoleum in the sky trying to capture the essence of it, but the rain kept cascading and I felt rejuvenated, and I deeply pulled myself into a bundle and shed a few tears, believing the rain will wash away any fragments of hopelessness and I smiled.

And all that fun and hungama left me with a nasty cough and a sore throat, so much for rainโ€ฆ I usually donโ€™t get this swell but, it will be a reminder for my little transformation today in the rain portal, where I became a soul transparent to the world and glimmered in the authenticity of nature, merging into one. Being, what felt like a refreshing startโ€ฆ


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