Ensigns of Dawn.


Have you seen sparrows chirruping wildly through the narrow gaze of dense perking? It’s like the shade of those neon bulbs blinking on a busy street, luring us to the fun awaiting. As the dawn knocks the door of morning, inky river flows gently through the chariot hugging the palette of today’s painter.  As the time nears, you can see maiden song lulling a first note on beginners, a fine streak of gentle light. Enigmatic…

Pulling that veil apart, silent screams of first color splutter like a firecracker and the sky explodes to the rhythm of baby pink. Stripes of apricot, coral, indigo and blue begins tap dancing, with each tap, a color bursts. The fun spurts like a fire, criss crossing each hue like a unique dance step and the already flawless deep purple sky, starts melting out puddles of different shades. A sight worth watching while hot sips of aromatic coffee entwines our throat like a silken thread enlivening with each nip.

Now, that the sky has awakened from its slumber, he warms up with arms stretched out painting azure. In between each torrent of exquisite wonders, there raise a cranium from the horizon, a golden glow glimmering like an overflowing vessels of liquid gold.

Gusts of sparkling Tindal seeps through pedriot and emerald garden, like a snake slithering to find its prey, each streams of that divine mango luminescence invigorate sleeping elements in the womb of Gaia. Now, the sky has the deep pigment of triumph painting the sky with lines of beautiful colors. Red, coral, orange, yellow and ocher. Glorifying nature as the finest of her time. When the birds cannot contain the excitement of the environment, chirruping to their heart about the grandeur. A time worth savoring, a moment worth capturing, a bliss worth feeling.


Never smiled…

its paint…

the color of moon-
ivory to grey;
on my face
and I…forgot to smile.
little by little, its peels off
yet, I stay hidden in the aura
of my dark story
my hurt
You say, you understand
but I can see the smirk
which swims in those pools
of senses
I wake up in the silence
and doze off in between the breeze
never in my sanity
always closed up like a rose…
……….never bloomed…….
What is it that you ask me?
You apathy slits me
than my affinity
You paint me nothing
and its that I have become.

in the protective sheath
is my smiles

Ashed Reminisce.

the dreams dissipate and
imaginative reality seeps in
devouring me;
the milky moon cascades down
and entwine with my embers
redefining my spectrum of life

I could feel the breeze stir
and open her mouth to whisper
a name, too haunting;
I delve into the studious stars
feeling lost in the pool of deceit,
stars are good deceivers…

consumed wholly in the artless sky,
the canvas painted a naked picture
I swallowed placid reminisce
like a bitter truth and your face
upon all other valuables
glistened as the night stood still.

and I held my hands with ghosts.


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a gentle rattle of her satin

made me squint my eyes to the light

soft was her syllable

made me drink her verses

sweet whispers of love

erases the least of my hatred

fine rhythm of smooth poetry

eases my mind from the pain

her gaze, those crushed coffee

pierce a hole into my tormented soul

a worthy possession, my gift

Lord has blessed me, for this

her fingers, the tapestry of love

brushes my skin, like a feather

tenderly her fingers caress me

and I melt into her charm

her smile, the bells of million bliss

lanterns of thousand amber glow

centuries worth ancient stories

a mausoleum of adulation…

Ever so leisurely, she glides through me

milky texture of her aura, mesmerize me

silken pleasure resonates a chime

and I cradle like a toddler in her arms.

Yellow Garden.


deep down the muddy round
is a place surrounded by yellow woods
slowly as the melon sun
rises from its fluffy bed
the place glisten like golden threads
and its where I rest my heart

verses flow like liquid gold
and I enunciate my sad sad song
singing to the rhythm of dandelions
and the foxglove frolics lusciously

my heart years to be like the marigold
in between honey drops, wafting a fragrance
and I melts down into the pool of tulips

dancing in the primrose garden
I hear the robin perching above me
autumn has gathered the spirits to yellow
and I feel the amber slowly forming

in this wood, lay my secrets
upon stones and bark and snowdrops
my words are etched too deep in this woods
and never will I go tarnished

roses, snapdragons and all that gold
shines in my armor and sings a song
never will I be alone in this woods
and my legacies will be sung eternally.