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a gentle rattle of her satin

made me squint my eyes to the light

soft was her syllable

made me drink her verses

sweet whispers of love

erases the least of my hatred

fine rhythm of smooth poetry

eases my mind from the pain

her gaze, those crushed coffee

pierce a hole into my tormented soul

a worthy possession, my gift

Lord has blessed me, for this

her fingers, the tapestry of love

brushes my skin, like a feather

tenderly her fingers caress me

and I melt into her charm

her smile, the bells of million bliss

lanterns of thousand amber glow

centuries worth ancient stories

a mausoleum of adulation…

Ever so leisurely, she glides through me

milky texture of her aura, mesmerize me

silken pleasure resonates a chime

and I cradle like a toddler in her arms.


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