Ensigns of Dawn.


Have you seen sparrows chirruping wildly through the narrow gaze of dense perking? It’s like the shade of those neon bulbs blinking on a busy street, luring us to the fun awaiting. As the dawn knocks the door of morning, inky river flows gently through the chariot hugging the palette of today’s painter.  As the time nears, you can see maiden song lulling a first note on beginners, a fine streak of gentle light. Enigmatic…

Pulling that veil apart, silent screams of first color splutter like a firecracker and the sky explodes to the rhythm of baby pink. Stripes of apricot, coral, indigo and blue begins tap dancing, with each tap, a color bursts. The fun spurts like a fire, criss crossing each hue like a unique dance step and the already flawless deep purple sky, starts melting out puddles of different shades. A sight worth watching while hot sips of aromatic coffee entwines our throat like a silken thread enlivening with each nip.

Now, that the sky has awakened from its slumber, he warms up with arms stretched out painting azure. In between each torrent of exquisite wonders, there raise a cranium from the horizon, a golden glow glimmering like an overflowing vessels of liquid gold.

Gusts of sparkling Tindal seeps through pedriot and emerald garden, like a snake slithering to find its prey, each streams of that divine mango luminescence invigorate sleeping elements in the womb of Gaia. Now, the sky has the deep pigment of triumph painting the sky with lines of beautiful colors. Red, coral, orange, yellow and ocher. Glorifying nature as the finest of her time. When the birds cannot contain the excitement of the environment, chirruping to their heart about the grandeur. A time worth savoring, a moment worth capturing, a bliss worth feeling.


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