swooned in the perfect rhythm
is my countenance
partially blurred and soaked
in the warm whispers of your tears,
epiphany of my rigid soul
swiftly brushed by your arrogance
to shake off my seasoning from your

let’s en-half this plate
which hold the sun
liquidizing in the heat of our temper
pouring out
unable to hold long the volume

I searched in midst of you vessels
that hold love and love only
but it was I who broke this chain apart
dangling by the hook
dripping pearls into wells of anguish
the size of your tears

by one last word
the flowers wilted
fading away like your footsteps
one by one

and it is by this river we touched
the first of our desire
and it is by here now I am reducing this atom
as your presence haunts my sleeps


What will I do then???


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Its been a while since I have posting something actually talking apart from my poetry! And I am seeing many likes but not comments, I hope you all love it to keep pushing that button..

From a very young age itself, I have been fatty and still continues to saunter in the extra curves. Every time I read the weight loss stuffs, I prepare myself to “yes, this is it, Now on….” blah blah…

But, I can’t say I have not tried, Yes, I have tried…..

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Its sometimes very confusing to take a map and go behind it, if its a print out from the WEB, yes, while frantically searching for tips that I can go on…..I got a page in one site, asking me to drink plenty of water and go exercise and the same page that comes under the Google search says, we should not exercise with empty stomach as it hurts our metabolism.. Haha, I had a good laugh back then… Next, I see that empty stomach exercising is good plus you have to do it with a heavy breakfast after and in another one with a light breakfast before and after to go with the exercise….With my migraine and fat my physical training sir in college asked me to not to do hard exercise and not to skip meals, while a trainer in google search asks me to go exactly the opposite.


One thing what I have decided is that, I will myself try all those in terms that won’t physically hurt me and guess what, drinking wheat porridge and fasting in the Islamic way has helped me burn a few calories and reduce the extra curves. its been a while since I tried to reduce my weight and yearning zero results as per going through the advice of googling…. Now, if you wanna know my trick in reducing I will tell you, but, again you have the right to pick or ditch, as per your metabolism and physic 🙂

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I eat banana as it helps me with my acidic stomach plus gas trouble. I don’t like oats and so it give me trouble and so, I eat wheat porridge which I pour out considerable amount of starch in it and pour hot water to make it light. If you have prepared wheat porridge you will know that the starch in wheat makes it thick and milky, so removing from the pressure cooker, I pour out the starch water and pour in hot water. You can do the same 🙂 I eat dates, dried figs and drink water and took fast in the Islamic way, I hope you know it..Abstaining from food and water from the dawn till dusk 🙂 It helped me and so after the month of Ramadan, I am continuing the practice taking intervals.

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I still haven’t got a remedy from Migraine and so I let it be with drinking water. images (13)

This was a piece of my heart as a diary entry concerning my doubts and findings…..Please read and don’t forget to tell me what you think after reading 🙂

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Until, then ciao ciao! 🙂


…./…Just read and think about it..!!…. /….. Syaikh Hamza Andreas Tzortzis





I want everyone, myself included, to ask themselves a bunch of key questions when using social media and YouTube:

“Why am I posting this video/comment/update?”

“Who is it for?”

“Am I seeking fame?”

“Does it represent who I am?”

“Does it represent my beliefs?”

“Will this facilitate my spiritual growth?”

“Does it represent my aspirations or my reality?”

“Am I being honest with myself and others?”

“Have I spent more time on social media and YouTube than with my parents/family/spiritual activities?”

“Have I spent more time on social media than doing good to others?”

“Am I advertising my good deeds?”

“Do these acts of public good outweigh my private good deeds?”

“If I never posted this video/comment/post will it make a difference?”

“Will this sincerely help others?”

“Is this about me?”

“Am I posting this because I lack confidence, self esteem and love?”

“Is my online me the same as…

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Nothing like our love.


we jammed on the breaks as the cold blew over us
laughing, we feared nothing in this streets
shedding our skin, we topped on each other
hugging the cold, we ride…ride on…

bleeding on your every touch,
our laughter ignited sparks tonight
your eyes whispered a melody
and I shuddered in the verse

too close to my skin, your breath was heavy
finally as we collapsed, our skin bled pleasure
kissing on my tender lips, we soared over moon
laughing to the culvert, we ride…ride on…

pulled inside the nights blanket
we counted each stars
loving the indigo moon trance
we left our heart in the cold

you stared into mine, with those liquid trust
pulling every nerve ending, I am loving it
on the cobblestone we slept, hugging the cold
every eyes mesmerizingly watched us snore into the night

colliding stars exploded
million stardust, sailing on the moon chariot
we embraced the soliloquy
like a king and the queen, we ruled the night.

I find me in you.


there is a fine contour
amid each kiss,
reviving whips,
making secrets endearing

your warmth enunciate
a fresh eulogy
with morning glories
sprinkling laughter
of our whispers

your hands are like a blue print
in my soul, sketching each furrows

every breath revitalize
a cadence
embracing our skin
like a blanket
protecting from grime

your eyes is like a beacon
when we stare, its galaxy exploding

liquid pools of love
crystallize an epoch in me
fostering each beats
like a pearl
resonating a chime
of our glory

we need no map
to trace the existence
of our body

Longings (Prose)


In every murmurs of twilight till dawn, I hug meticulously the folded quilt, inhaling deep the absent relish of musk, your favorite cologne. Caressing each crease, I treasure the warmth of you, steadily sighing desires, I timidly squeeze myself to sleep in the cold, the moon gleaming milky dreams into me and I jump at every cricket’s breath, believing, my pillow is you…

Soaked pillow, cold blanket and half empty bottle of vodka, makes me realize you are only a vague inclination now in my brain; that’s stubborn to never forget…you or any memories that builds in my gullible heart. What can be done and said is long gone, as your footsteps started to fade from my shores of hope. Gliding through the water is a seahorse, waving at me with a face drawn to look happy but the eyes shining onyx declaring the wound is eternal.

Each passing seconds is a torture, etching stories of what could have been if you still hold my hands, where will we be if you was here in my bed, what will we do if you cling on to me. Erasing it off, I feel a part of me ripped apart. But, I must move on, resilient, for the one of us.

My heart… you.


it is not but leaves,
from your garden
solely plucked at Eve’s
from the nurturing barks of your eyes

yes, nature strives
as your feline arms caress
blossoming buds,
it is but flowers
capturing minds

and I am, the Bee
sucking warm nectar
from the lace of your hem
gliding through my barren land
tightening loose ends
fixing bored soul
enlightening dullness