It was all but lies.


stirring deep the marmalade of my soul
into your sterile barbecued mind, I tasted
your citrus juice flowing like liquid sun
into the astral realm of my incognito visions

I watched earnestly as you cut the bones
from our closet, the skeletons sung a song
beautiful, unlike your raspy voice and my
blurry hallucinations, even ugly is beautiful

once that you paved your way out of my life
I can see the orange was indeed my ire
glowing in the horizon like broken yolk
running around the plate, ceased to find a halt

only blood and bone knew this affinity
growling inside marrow, through chalk walls,
angrily hitting, letting the milk get split
and I knew, it was only your way of passing

you had no words to pull the structure
of hurting my senses, stammering coherently,
escaping through my hair, pulling each strand
and shooting paper bombs with it

By morning, your charming whiskey breathe
and stale nicotine, bathed me into used mannequin.
empty bottles and muddy sock, pointed…
you, will be back with cheese cake and spirit

softening bull marks into my rippled skin
and kissing strawberry into my twilight face
only to regain senses by your whipping vodka
and then the butterflies will once again soar high


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