Love letter.



I can feel the embers stirring within,
like stars glowing and twinkling,
with each diamond rupture
sparkling dust irradiate like your eyes,
the same shade that electrified me

a lemon is cut to juice the sun from it,
citrus effervescence sprinkling an aura-
too sweet and invigorating, I wonder…
how your breath rejuvenated my lifeless soul
unattractive and dried, I was,
but you whirred that luminescence
into my inky eyes, brightening me

as our gaze met, galactic entities exploded
resonating a chime, enlightening aura
my heart beats scarlet desires within…

Love, you have shed your leaves into my
leafless trees and I shall bear the fruit of
your charm, this embrace shall endure eternally
until death shall part us one by one

till then I shall breathe the same air as you.

constant as the stars above, know this that you are treasured
death shall part us, but heaven awaits with both hands,
you have stirred an eternal portion
to which we shall stay bound as one.

with love…


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