…./…Just read and think about it..!!…. /….. Syaikh Hamza Andreas Tzortzis





I want everyone, myself included, to ask themselves a bunch of key questions when using social media and YouTube:

“Why am I posting this video/comment/update?”

“Who is it for?”

“Am I seeking fame?”

“Does it represent who I am?”

“Does it represent my beliefs?”

“Will this facilitate my spiritual growth?”

“Does it represent my aspirations or my reality?”

“Am I being honest with myself and others?”

“Have I spent more time on social media and YouTube than with my parents/family/spiritual activities?”

“Have I spent more time on social media than doing good to others?”

“Am I advertising my good deeds?”

“Do these acts of public good outweigh my private good deeds?”

“If I never posted this video/comment/post will it make a difference?”

“Will this sincerely help others?”

“Is this about me?”

“Am I posting this because I lack confidence, self esteem and love?”

“Is my online me the same as…

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