Nothing like our love.


we jammed on the breaks as the cold blew over us
laughing, we feared nothing in this streets
shedding our skin, we topped on each other
hugging the cold, we ride…ride on…

bleeding on your every touch,
our laughter ignited sparks tonight
your eyes whispered a melody
and I shuddered in the verse

too close to my skin, your breath was heavy
finally as we collapsed, our skin bled pleasure
kissing on my tender lips, we soared over moon
laughing to the culvert, we ride…ride on…

pulled inside the nights blanket
we counted each stars
loving the indigo moon trance
we left our heart in the cold

you stared into mine, with those liquid trust
pulling every nerve ending, I am loving it
on the cobblestone we slept, hugging the cold
every eyes mesmerizingly watched us snore into the night

colliding stars exploded
million stardust, sailing on the moon chariot
we embraced the soliloquy
like a king and the queen, we ruled the night.


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