Malare-Floret thy name in Malayalam!

Superb Translation 🙂

Isotope of gOD

My first attempt at English Translation of this wonderful Malayalam song, Malare, which i played in loop many times!It sort of made me feel compelled to translate into English, as google search offered no page, absolutely no single page, with an English translation of this song. Wish  more translations are available for Indian languages to spread the rich literary culture of this land. Please comment if the translation was not upto the mark. The meter does not match, but ensured that translation is as true to the original as possible. Special thanks to Ayyappadas Girija Rajan, Arun NM

Seems like some of the readers are not able to read Malayalam script. To their benefit I have added the English Transliteration along with Malayalam Script. Hope it helps 🙂

തെളിമാനം മഴവില്ലിന്‍ നിറമണിയും നേരം,
നിരമാര്‍ന്നൊരു കനവെന്നില്‍ തെളിയുന്ന പോലെ ,
Theli maanam mazhavillin niramaniyum neram,
niramarnnoru kanavennil theliyunna pole,
When the hues…

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