Four poems by Jennifer-Leigh Oprihory

Used Furniture Review

A Userโ€™s Guide to My Heart

Lessonย 1:

When you find it, throw it as far away as you possibly can, preferably, at a vertical angle.
Know that there is no such thing as a friendly firework,
that it will tail you like a greedy sun
just waiting to ignite your everything
and claim ownership over the ashes.

If you survive, congratulations: youโ€™re immortal.
Youโ€™ve mastered resurrection.
This is the wrong instruction manual for you.
Please move onto the one
RE: How to hold the woman without hands

How to love the girl without a voice box
How to nurse the cadaver back to life

Lesson 2:

The heart is giving war the middle finger and hiding a revolver in her left pocket.
The heart doesnโ€™t actually know how to use the revolver.
It just hates being the only one with a body full of chambers where no one wants toโ€ฆ

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