Hope in Every Prayer.

Withered leaves
dot messily
around pavements
in my ghost towns

wash murmurs
with tacit

never cease
and I sank deep
wallowing in
unbleached lies,
open wounds.

Left to bleed,
my knees sing
songs of long prayers;
I smile at
each glow…

There is hope
in every cup of hands
milking fresh
from luminescence.


Hiya There Readers :D


This write is for myself, that is to check if i can write something apart from my poetry and wattpad stories 😀 I have been missing my blog lately and all i do is copy paste my poetry, well, i want to write something to make it look like my diary is not mad at me 😉

I don’t know how to express this, but when i see likes to my poetry, i really feel happy and that would only increase if you guys commented on mine, lately you may have seen “Silenced in the Rain” that is my absolute favourite. my writers block was so damn adamant and strong that I could not have penned even a single verse and then one day I just got an idea and that poem flowed. Wow, it was a hit in my lists and ALLPOETRY fans applauded me for that single poem 😀


I wish if hiatus would affect me like this and if I could write like that poem, I would be around cloud 9. lol. well, how have you been? My days are hectic with drowsiness, migraine migraine migraine and what not?! But, still I m breathing and going on 😀

There is a whisper in the clouds

and I could feel the wind

they are trying to say something

and even before I know, there it rained!

Yippey, its rainy season here in Kerala, but, hey thanks to man and pollution it has been like it was summer. SO hot and humidity, that every clothes hugged my curves in the back. SO badly sweating. Anyway I thin it might rain heavily, otherwise we will be like fried Chicken :)) Lol…

Do, tell me how are you guys 😀


Secrets Discovered.

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Gold glimmering glamorize nature,

bereft clouds plunged down emotions

laced with brevity as sky sings solitude

drip…drip…a chime resonates,

through hallow grounds,

where creatures once dug a burrow

and I listen to the secrets of Gaia

reviving roots suck in something

unknown to me, and I gasp for air

as smooth transition of exotic ecology

preached me divine revelations-

something unknown to men!

I look upon the singing trees

armor of nature.

ornamenting flowers,

and giggling streams

a new sliver, streaks through my bones

crunching, ideas improved imaginations

and I can feel the pain in;

stretching of every living mortals

the feeling of being alive, growing and encompassing

lone and strong I stood,

breathing fresh eulogies of beauty…

words bursting out in a pace

never merging to form the legacy

the definite distinctive theory of nature

resurrecting into existence, and I become nature

stretching bones and etching words on stones

where once my height shall be conquered by great minds

and then the tonality of my speech shall be booked from fossils

until then, I am living in the statures of wonders.

Silenced in the rain.


The batteries in my phone were dead
and I wonder if he missed me…


the wind shuffled my songs and Jay-lo was singing
weeping to the microphone,
slowly pinning notes to the board
about a time when apples were ripe
and mine exploited…

scurrying footsteps, billowing whispers
and in the dust caked towns, tiny footprints formed
sordid…they left bequest for minds to untie
and I marvel… if our prints left a mark

my stiletto and your sneakers crunched many petals
under the banyan tree,
we floored the boundaries
and skipped stones,
bleached white lies and hang our clothes
that was dipped in red dye of love and
painted yellow and blue flowers
you loved abstract art,
said it spoke to you an unhinged rhythm
and I stare at the strokes,
never understanding.

but, I was not you, the genius who folded kite and rocketed pebbles into me
from then on, I have never walked comfortably

“does this sing?”
You asked me, looking at the music box
that you brought me from the street fair,
it has never worked in the first place
yet, your fingerprints brushed a cadence
and I listen to it with my eyes

we crossed the bridge from moon to earth
and kissed under radars
yet, their sonar never located us
when we were laughing,
in front of their keyhole.

maybe this poet was lazy
he who wrote us our eulogy
the emotions were polished
and flow haggard
he mastered in degrees
but I mastered in love
only a few words and
I brought life to it.

do you feel the cells breathing in your bones
I can, but it is yours, and how did I get them?

I paved steps, washing away rubble’s
and you paced on it,
swiping your new iPhone
looking out,
I watched the pigeons pestering my mind
the same once that soothed me, once!
your smile was fake when you kissed me
and it felt like the autumn’s dampness,
a sticky one
not sweet.

I hunted through strata under your skin
and found;
a broken piece of heart
crushed piece of lipstick
scrunched bones
I can see it,
in your veins
the needless heed of my touch
overgrown weeds of my rose
bludgeoned silence in your domain

Has it been raining?
damp cheeks,
red streaked lines
diluted vision
blurred reality
I guess it drenched me,
as I walked
a   w     a        y….
and he never inquired!

His coffee stains left a permanent scar
and I could hear his keys breaking my heart
trust once wrecked, stays ruined
And I switched my phone off….
then the batteries died,
yet he never asked, why!