Secrets Discovered.

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Gold glimmering glamorize nature,

bereft clouds plunged down emotions

laced with brevity as sky sings solitude

drip…drip…a chime resonates,

through hallow grounds,

where creatures once dug a burrow

and I listen to the secrets of Gaia

reviving roots suck in something

unknown to me, and I gasp for air

as smooth transition of exotic ecology

preached me divine revelations-

something unknown to men!

I look upon the singing trees

armor of nature.

ornamenting flowers,

and giggling streams

a new sliver, streaks through my bones

crunching, ideas improved imaginations

and I can feel the pain in;

stretching of every living mortals

the feeling of being alive, growing and encompassing

lone and strong I stood,

breathing fresh eulogies of beauty…

words bursting out in a pace

never merging to form the legacy

the definite distinctive theory of nature

resurrecting into existence, and I become nature

stretching bones and etching words on stones

where once my height shall be conquered by great minds

and then the tonality of my speech shall be booked from fossils

until then, I am living in the statures of wonders.


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