Hiya There Readers :D


This write is for myself, that is to check if i can write something apart from my poetry and wattpad stories πŸ˜€ I have been missing my blog lately and all i do is copy paste my poetry, well, i want to write something to make it look like my diary is not mad at me πŸ˜‰

I don’t know how to express this, but when i see likes to my poetry, i really feel happy and that would only increase if you guys commented on mine, lately you may have seen “SilencedΒ in the Rain”Β that is my absolute favourite. my writers block was so damn adamant and strong that I could not have penned even a single verse and then one day I just got an idea and that poem flowed. Wow, it was a hit in my lists and ALLPOETRY fans applauded me for that single poem πŸ˜€


I wish if hiatus would affect me like this and if I could write like that poem, I would be around cloud 9. lol. well, how have you been? My days are hectic with drowsiness, migraine migraine migraine and what not?! But, still I m breathing and going on πŸ˜€

There is a whisper in the clouds

and I could feel the wind

they are trying to say something

and even before I know, there it rained!

Yippey, its rainy season here in Kerala, but, hey thanks to man and pollution it has been like it was summer. SO hot and humidity, that every clothes hugged my curves in the back. SO badly sweating. Anyway I thin it might rain heavily, otherwise we will be like fried Chicken :)) Lol…

Do, tell me how are you guys πŸ˜€



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