Late night Crawlers..


blankets cling-
like lovers,
I blow up,
as ceiling fan cringe,
no more…
I said, no…shriek no more…
as, I pull sheets
and take a bath.
windows sway
it’s windy,
“then why do I sweat?”
My heart beats,
another night
to list
craving chocolates
my head pounds
as sunlight creaks
my head soars…
now, nothing can console
a heedless sleepless head.


So smile….


          the imperfection
          of heart
          is masterly masked
          by this heartening
          For, they don’t
          know the intensity
          of my nucleus;
          lucidly bidding
          to conceal
          my tears.

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Always Smile…


It’s not easy for me to be sane, almost touching the insane spectrum of my cerebrum, inviting thoughts of dangerous catastrophe, I was made a fool to be laughing and smiling when the inside of me was burning. You might think of my smile as being stupid and accepting the world as it is, but, inside I am worrying about the inside and I don’t care what catch my exterior portrays. It is always easy for you to break a laugh and ignite fuel, but, it is not easy for you to stare in the eyes and understand… why the smile never leave her face.

Some calls me cheesy and some say I am down right stupid, I didn’t care as long as they-the superior realm of never understanding minds, never intrude my perfectly bombastic life.


The walls are closing in on me and I wonder, what makes the world perfect. Nothing, the world is never perfect and nor are the person wafting embodiment of perfection. Looking close, I can see the charm under thick shade of concealer looking like a ghost skin. Perfectly concealed from the face of earth, and I wonder… I am concealing my imperfection with a natural specimen and it’s Smile… why do I have to beg the need of make-up when it shows the unnatural beauty of me? I am made beauty by the hands of the creator and I am made me to be me, so, I never turn to the liars…make-up, and I close my eyes and smile to the nothingness of this world, the beauty of nothingness. Leaving behind the words of the liars to float in thin air.


It is always beautiful to conceal our self a bit and portray what’s needed to be seen, otherwise what’s the fun in not letting the people Gossip?

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