Being me is really difficult.

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The stain of coffee lingers fresh
unfolding yesterdays
which languidly turns to yesteryears,
cementing thoughts over my
eyes, sulking dolefully.

life never changes.

But, I have a beautiful life.
each morning, I open my eyes
to the lethal secret revealing more
and more to me…circling through my past
and narrating connotations
to endless loops of dark secrets;
and I am learning from my mistakes
because the pain never heals
as I sullenly revolve
like an earth, on my own axis.

I am content.
not conceited; why shouldn’t I be?
the truth of something making me inhuman
shrouds behind thick shield of me
and it stays sealed;
until the mystery of myself never divulge to the open;
I am glad each day is a blessing
that dawns without losing my respect.


Melted Heart.

the sun asked me to look
where rainbow melts to gold,
but your illuminating eyes
blinded my way to the rivers
where gold was lazily swimming
in your hazy smile.


But, when I needed you,
the mere flame melted my heart,
and I became broken glass
under your kaleidoscopic gaze.

Hey yo!!!

Hello people,

I just want to let you know that… I have started my writing expedition in yet another wonderful site…WATTPAD! I guess most of you might know about it and most of you will be there penning your works.. so, this is just to let you know that… I am there and I want to cross my fingers with you there in another social site and take our writing to a whole new level… whohooo! 🙂

Please do inform me, if you are there in wattpad, cause I am…and I cant wait to friend you 🙂


heere, this is me! 😀