About Me.



My name is Shafeeda and I am a very down to earth, introvert, creative, fantastical girl with lots of dreams and hopes. Poetry is like a breath of fresh air for me when I am so down in the puddle of degrading words and emotions. I never consider myself a writer or a poet since I don’t think my words and work is strong enough but it is enough for me to realize that I have my own medicine to cure me of complete shutdown.

I started writing poetry when I was in my eighth grade. It was my exam, social exam to be precise and that too the main one, the next day. And I was reading my notes which long and quite boring. Getting frustrated with it, I looked outside and was mesmerized when I saw a strand of beautiful sunlight streaming in illuminating my notebook.

so stunned, I had to smile at it and get lost in the dancing hues. It was like a boost or a revelation since I immediately tore a page and wrote my first poetry – the nature’s beauty. And since then, I have written several pieces which were foolish at first then I picked up after joining a social network AllPoetry. The poet there helped me mold what I can claim perfection. But, still, I am far away from what I can be because my English is not good and definitely not my first language.

However, as I grew up, my life became my A grade teacher, teaching me how to hide emotions behind the metaphor.

There are a lot of colors and sparkling hues that keeps me attracted, but I have to be very careful while choosing the right color. Because I am always attracted to trouble and embarrassing mistakes.
In between lines of sheer pain, I try to bring emotion, ripe from my heart and then I find happiness even if it was for a few minutes, my poetry makes me living.

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