Ok, to begin with, my name is Shafeeda and I am a girl from the southern part of India, in the center of Kerala, God’s own country. I have my angel, because of her I am living and breathing ink 🙂 She is my mother, my best friend. ANd there is my bro and my sis, and her naughty little nephew.

I started writing poetry when I was in my eight grade. it was my exam, social exam the next day and I was reading my notes which was a page long. Getting frustrated with it, I looked outside and was mesmerized when I saw a strand of beautiful sunlight streaming in and was illuminating my notebook. so stunned, i had to smile at it and as a form of sweet revelation, i wrote my first poetry –the natures beauty. and since then, i have wrote several piece which was foolish at first then i picked up after joining a social network AllPoetry. the poet there help me mold what I can claim perfection. but, still I am far away from what I can be because my English is not good and definitely not my first language.

There are a lot of colors and sparkling hues that keeps me attracted, but I have to be very careful while choosing the right color.I am a girl with lots of hope and ambition, not to be in this world but to succeed in the next world and to gain mercy from my dear lord! So,with the belief of I can, I’m moving on with My Almighty’s blessings and love! My life is all the more complicated and painful. I try to find peace and balance, either by writing  painting, reading, cooking and mostly playing with my nephew.
In between lines of sheer pain, I try to bring emotion, ripe from my heart and then I find happiness even if it was for a few minutes, my poetry makes me living.
I write Poetry At <img src=’http://allpoetry.com/images/raven_tiny.png&#8217; height=22 width=22/> I <a href=’http://allpoetry.com’>write poetry</a> at allpoetry

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