Something Random.

I am not sure why I begin this blog entry. Sometimes someone needs to release something, ei? 😉 But, the good thing is that I was able to read my notifications in the app! I am not sure why the admin didn’t reply to my plea for help!

Anyway, i am glad I was able to read my notifications in the app. Thank you fallen alone… aka ari… I followed your advice gorgeous.



Pathetic lover.


Sometimes it takes two of three syllables

to make you understand the importance

of my silence; yet, you throw word upon

hour needle to only lose minutes before

you even post me the next letter. and still

you remain unapologetic to the situation.

had it been some other time to pen verses,

I would have truly been obliged; but, as of

now when the time is escalating to serious

matters; I shall remain circumvent to that

pings which gives me inflating migraines.

I’m not a mourner you know!


I listened;
waiting for shackled breaths
to billow out whispers,
deflating reminders
of our 4am’s phantom kisses.

With chain-linked apologies,
I watched you
fold nostalgia
into sun-burnt smiles
and wipe away the
translucent intentions
like it were the
ashes of our memories
that needed dusting.


plastering dead breaths
upon cold walls of
waxed glances
I etch bamboo tattoos
from flowerpot daydreams
onto your skin

only to remind me
of the front-porch gossip;
and then your perfume
clogged me once again.


Coined regrets
wrapped references
and my milkshakes melted
upon tabletops
waiting to dissolve
the two-stepping answers;
and sluice off the mess
that ruptured my heart.


Braiding days afresh
away from cremated memories
was strenuous
yet, my seat-belted pride
folded memories
and haunting scars
into paper wishes
deflating them into ether;

erasing decadent persuasions
of a poisoned tongue,
I smiled to the back-alley handshakes
which promised me new inception.

Late night Crawlers..


blankets cling-
like lovers,
I blow up,
as ceiling fan cringe,
no more…
I said, no…shriek no more…
as, I pull sheets
and take a bath.
windows sway
it’s windy,
“then why do I sweat?”
My heart beats,
another night
to list
craving chocolates
my head pounds
as sunlight creaks
my head soars…
now, nothing can console
a heedless sleepless head.

So smile….


          the imperfection
          of heart
          is masterly masked
          by this heartening
          For, they don’t
          know the intensity
          of my nucleus;
          lucidly bidding
          to conceal
          my tears.

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Hope in Every Prayer.

Withered leaves
dot messily
around pavements
in my ghost towns

wash murmurs
with tacit

never cease
and I sank deep
wallowing in
unbleached lies,
open wounds.

Left to bleed,
my knees sing
songs of long prayers;
I smile at
each glow…

There is hope
in every cup of hands
milking fresh
from luminescence.