Hello blog.

I’m not sure what am I supposed to write today. No, I don’t know what I should ever write. There is too much to say in my mind. Not to someone, you see. I mean the things that I want to say is not to someone but myself.
You see, people are strange creatures. No matter how hard we try to impress, they mock us. No matter how pressingly we address the issue, there will be something to put us to shame. No matter how hard you try to express your emotions; whatever it may be, sadness, grief, guilt, anger, pain…. no matter what emotions… they either act as if they understood or they might give us the pity stare and then they will laugh behind our back.

So, I have stopped talking and started being silly and laughing queen. So, you know what they say about me? I am so happy… ok, I can live with that. But they also say, ‘she is so stupid. Why can’t she act her age?‘ wow!¡ That’s… wow…

I just don’t know blog… life is too damn straight at times that er just go with the flow and suddenly we alone are hit with a huge barricade and we are forced to see… everyone else that was with me; to climb the mountain and reach somewhere. But for me? I am forced to take the helluva roller coaster ride with damn too many twists and turn.

Sometimes, I just quit… I just can’t.

And when I read about articles that should help me… I am confused even more. Not satisfied. How am I supposed to create positive thinking and live with it when all I ever have is bad… bad thoughts?

But no matter how horrible the day and life may be… I have learned to smile and laugh in the end and then cry when I am in the darkness; alone.

Life can be as bad as anything but I will go on as long as I can tape the broken pieces of my heart together.

Meet you again blogg 🙂


Hello world!


Ha! The familiar feeling of being safe and sound with fellow writers with whom I shall be happy to share a piece of my poetry.Though the world is big and round the clock, I feel intimidating to be in the center of such a spotlight, But, averse to the chattering of a rising bud, I am in the dark wishing and hoping, crossing my finger trying to be what I dream to be. A writer.

I write for the sheer pleasure of bleeding my hurt which compels me to the forlorn shade of isolation and I am always the smiling girl, hiding tears deep within and igniting others by a small smile.I don’t like crying though at times, tears fall like unexpected rain and I cry in silence, mostly in the rain. Just like Charlie Chaplin said, so that no one can judge me, for being who I am.

In the world so small like this, I know I can make a chance to light the torch and prefer to be in the spotlight for who I want to be rather than what I think I am. It’s a complicated emotion and I strive within the jilted pangs of hurt and depression. Well, one can always prefer to be what they want even though words shall suppress their confidence. I love to bold and unique, but not everyone gives me the chance to be open.