Somehow I miss the spark.


the dancing orbs in front of me

sing a song, in the rain,

I hear the rat a tap

that resonates through my brain


why do I feel like the morning is so far away

when the moon has only come.


oh its right,

I have not had my night time caffeine,

that makes me sane

even with my bloodshot eyes.


the scandalous moon light

break through the torrent of my saved tears,

and when I find the stars-

I am too late into the abysmal song…

too wasted to even smile

when the moon comes shaking her hands with me.


I am so drunk with boredom and this is… just at the moment write. laugh with me or say I am foolish but don’t come preaching me I am wrong and worse 馃檪 Let’s be friends in praising each other’s weirdness 馃槈


Love letter.



I can feel the embers stirring within,
like stars glowing and twinkling,
with each diamond rupture
sparkling dust irradiate like your eyes,
the same shade that electrified me

a lemon is cut to juice the sun from it,
citrus effervescence sprinkling an aura-
too sweet and invigorating, I wonder…
how your breath rejuvenated my lifeless soul
unattractive and dried, I was,
but you whirred that luminescence
into my inky eyes, brightening me

as our gaze met, galactic entities exploded
resonating a chime, enlightening aura
my heart beats scarlet desires within…

Love, you have shed your leaves into my
leafless trees and I shall bear the fruit of
your charm, this embrace shall endure eternally
until death shall part us one by one

till then I shall breathe the same air as you.

constant as the stars above, know this that you are treasured
death shall part us, but heaven awaits with both hands,
you have stirred an eternal portion
to which we shall stay bound as one.

with love…

Yellow Garden.


deep down the muddy round
is a place surrounded by yellow woods
slowly as the melon sun
rises from its fluffy bed
the place glisten like golden threads
and its where I rest my heart

verses flow like liquid gold
and I enunciate my sad sad song
singing to the rhythm of dandelions
and the foxglove frolics lusciously

my heart years to be like the marigold
in between honey drops, wafting a fragrance
and I melts down into the pool of tulips

dancing in the primrose garden
I hear the robin perching above me
autumn has gathered the spirits to yellow
and I feel the amber slowly forming

in this wood, lay my secrets
upon stones and bark and snowdrops
my words are etched too deep in this woods
and never will I go tarnished

roses, snapdragons and all that gold
shines in my armor and sings a song
never will I be alone in this woods
and my legacies will be sung eternally.

Immortal you…

Immortal you…


the music notes are on fire
and I feel you burning
inside my corset of secrets
and you are pulling a string

I can feel your breath
like autumns chill on my back
scarlet hopes shudder
and I feel your touch on my skin

I know that even if you faded away
there is a side of you with me
shadowing me on my dense sky
making me feel the presence

luminescence, is your soul for me
in the darkest of times
and I will love you
like the stars in my galaxy

forever stay, like the beacon
you have become, forever be
my pride in my honesty
My immortal you…

A poem

Features are this review

where I breath poetry into strings

hugging close my own body

I fear I will perish

into this glass of flavored drinks

you love to drink

I know my heart will dance

to the music of my silence

flavored in your deceit

worrying whether this rose will die

too soon

in the care of my love

I may not be pearl in your eyes

but assure me that I will be a聽shard

a blister, a splinter.

My movie.

there was a movie

with the label of cranberry fruit cake

melting my luscious desire

and awarding me an Oscar

I smiled my most beautiful smile

pouting out, making it look like open strawberry

and many fell for the delight

it was a peak time when聽

I knew how to swivel with the camera

and roll with the credits

mentioning after shots and loving every moments

smiling naked in the blanket of fame

sweet treats

and sugary sweets

loved the limelight

and I hung around spotlight

never letting go of the spot

in the heavenly world of flashes

and fake smiles

I pancaked my face with desire and fake smiles

making me look like a goddess

and I know, that is my cue

to undulating rolls of business pleasure

In this movie, I did act as me

with the stare of my birth-mom

who never knew what bliss is

it was a family tradition

to be born with no money and live with only water

the one that flow through your walls

collected in pots and pan

only fresh when it rains

this was when I was lovingly living

inside my mom’s womb聽

and when they plucked me away

from the safe heaven

I knew not what safety and purity was

but from then on

I never had to close my only book

which made me look amazing

and set a price for the eyes

which see me pleasing…

and then,

did I act upon the stage

in front of the camera

pouting my lips which yearns to tell a tale

of falling rain and eating lies

once, I acted upon a stage

where they shot a movie

with the label of cranberry fruit cake

melting my luscious desire

and awarding me an Oscar

I enjoyed writing this, a life of a girl who entered fame being ____________Did you understand?

This is a poem explaining about a girl who was forced into being聽prostitutes….

and roll with the credits

mentioning after shots and loving every moments

smiling naked in the blanket of fame

from a young age, who was forced to, from the safe place with her mother…

inside my mom’s womb聽

and when they plucked me away

from the safe heaven

womb I mentioned for the safe place with mother, young finds security within mother. And then she was rose to fame being an actress (bad one)

there was a movie

with the label of cranberry fruit cake

melting my luscious desire

and awarding me an Oscar

Oscar was just a mention of Praise and fame and then labeling which is mentioning….

I love writing this

Nature lover.

In between thin shards of glass, I walk carefully on its edge, Not wanting to cut my toes, fearing my muse will flow out. Life taught me very good things, about the sky which is azure and blue at times but fails to comprehend the emotion of moon and quickly fades to yellow and hues. Blurry, soft cotton swabs whiter throughout the sky, painting the already pique azure, a little more pathetic, but the more you look at it the more you feel relaxed.
Life also taught me about the azure, the one that flows through my nails and fingers, and I feel the tickling nibbles of tiny mouths, making me see wonderful visions and I smile and then laugh. The water is a pure blue, sheer pleasure, mighty bearer, smooth kisses. The rivulets passes along liquidizing melon sun and the water clings to my legs, painting my legs a sweet mango yellow. Cooling my mind, making me feel relaxed.
Beautiful, sturdy trees stretches and exaggerate its beauty through olive, emerald, and pedriot legacies and then they paints a masterpiece in between the lines of glistening buds that rejuvenate and solidify emotions, pulled to the roots and finalize this closure. making me sane and fine and peace. Hues boasts about fine poetry and paints masterpiece, of crimson, yellow, salmon, orange and brown. fallen or not, they whiter diamond dust of beauty.
never shall I get tired of this, the fragrance of rainbows, frolicking and swaying in the whistling breeze and chirruping birds that brings together a chord of sonata, a serenade, a chime too sweet. close your eyes and envisage, you could feel the beauty tantalizing, whispering, kissing. Tiny buds giggling and joyfully turn their head towards the sun, like kids do when they do something proud. smiling and gleefully enjoying.Peace
Nature has its palette full of hues and I a brush, painting on the blank canvas, hurting my 聽mind and I paint, a picture…..Too sweet and rhythmic, I never look for flaws and don’t care for the fine piece of mitigating comments, sarcasm or care… I feel I own this palette and the hues is mine, from my mother nature, Attitude design my brains by the nature and this nature set the bars high…..Never complaining and only applauding.