My valentine!


I hear the town burst out with smiles
turning roses into cards, sighing out
my eyes wander out through the red
and I say, aren’t they so foolish
to fantasize!

I keep my breath and my pocket money
when the rose day passed I bought a bunch
I kept in under her pillows and said
“I love you!”

She must has seen in the mornings
for I saw it on her study table
I smiled within and I gave her a hug and a kiss

I walked out and there comes the chocolate day
even though she was diabetic, I bought her a tray
She kept it in the fridge and made a chocolate cake
and waited for me to come back and have a taste.

I let out a morning chill to the day so pale
the stars are gleaming red and also the town
I burst a few balloons and was chased by some loons
I took some roses and petaled the room.

And, finally the day has come
exchanging roses and kisses
I stood and stared!

I walked out into the middle and brought
My Mother on my side and dressed her red
took out my roses and flushed her with-
roses and kisses, that made her cry

I screamed to world she is my love
the only valentine I could ever have
can you show me someone who is better than that
And I will kiss your feet when you say that’s right!


The pain of my mother. (not good at prose,but tried one.)


I promised her she will never have to cry. leaving behind the bones of yesterday’s grim hope, that rattles along with tins and cans I used to preserve pickled lies. The ghastly light flickered above me with a slow moan as the breeze fondled in the obscure, a shade of apprehended silhouette brush my soul and I feel no fear gripping me. Tears that fell from your eyes burst like little bombs in my head and I feel my strength oozing out just by looking at her face and I smile reassuringly, but she tightly seals her lips and blink her eyes with a sigh, the dust settled around her scattered in the hazy light.

As the day withered away in the ashen times of winter, tightening frost bites sink into my body making me go numb, and I feel no pain in my heart that has stopped beating or because I was too busy in the protruding fantastical life, I forgot to breath. Long stares at infinity has made thick bags underneath her plateaued eyes that sunk her pupils and dilapidated wrinkles crowned her flesh that once was red with bliss. Now, I see terror surpassing through her heart beating umpteenth time and she breathe in strongly making me choke on this hurt that has turned us(me and my mother) into a blatant array of lost survivors.

As I look into your eyes, the visions seems blurred with dried tears now stinking in your pupils and that tears a channel down your wrinkled face taking time to find the path through your layers of untimely struggle and strife. Now, as I look upon you I see fear intermingling death, longing for a door that shall bypass our tragic end to a full hope reassuring death.

life was never easy and promises are easy to say but hard to keep, mom!